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Alistair Cope
Guide & Director
Alistair is always looking his next adventure! He completed a unique solo challenge in 2013, canoeing and cycling from Edinburgh to Exmouth over 30 days and was one of two guides on The Great Tour - a 64 day circumnavigation of the UK coastline by bicycle during 2010 and again in 2015. He fell in love with Morocco many years ago and has spent time guiding in the Alps, the Pyrenees as well as all over the UK.

Alistair has gained a reputation for route planning for one day events as well as multi stage tours and adds to his interests public speaking, so please contact him for that after dinner speech!

Sebastian Cope - MTB Guide
Seb is as natural to adventure as he is to helping others share his passion for cycling. A great guy to be with. He loves to travel and gets across to Morocco whenever he can. He has become the face of Velo Vintage & has a rather well known tache! (and sometimes a beard)

James Cope - Cycle Guide
One very fit cycle guide, even when loaded with large panniers he still seems to fly uphill.
James has worked with Alistair over the last few years with Blesma and also circumnavigated the UK coastline in 2015. When he's not cycling, he's running marathons!

Velo Vintage is part of Velo Ventures (Global) Ltd and we have to say a very special part. It has enjoyed rapid growth over the last two years and is quite simply great fun!

We have been working closely with Flaxland over the last few years and in particular for Alistair's solo challenge in 2013. But somehow, the story goes on and a fresh challenge is being planned for bike & boat again!

I stayed in this lovely 200 year old cottage in the South Downs during the spring and it is just a cyclist’s dream. Inside it is decorated with cycle related art, together with books and memorabilia. Add to that a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere, with just fantastic cycling right from your front gate.

The owner, a wonderful cycling enthusiast is just the best of guys and I know will make sure everything is just right.

So if you fancy a short or long cycling break in a beautiful part of England (with a terrific local pub nearby), just message me (click the photo) and I’ll put you in touch.

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